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Autumn election ‘the working assumption’, says Jeremy Hunt

by Marko Florentino
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A senior MP has warned that the Conservatives are destined to lose the next election in a scathing attack on his former party.

Julian Knight said the Chancellor’s Budget was supposed to be a “do or die” moment, but it appears “it’s more not do, and then unfortunately we die”.

Mr Knight has sat as an Independent since he was suspended by the Tories in 2022 over a complaint about his conduct. He was later cleared of sex assault allegations by the police but he made it clear that he would not ask for the whip back.

Criticising the Conservatives’ economic record, he claimed that the country’s finances are “more vulnerable than they have ever been” because the Government is “addicted to debt”.

He said: “All we are doing is borrowing more, paying ourselves more for producing less. Unless the supply side is properly tackled by a bold government, I can see this nation being back at the door of the IMF, just like in 1976… This Budget was supposed to be a do or die. But looking at the documents and the wider polling, it’s more not do, and then unfortunately we die. The crying shame is… at least Blair had to work for his landslide.

”Finally, I reflect on my last words in this place before I chose to recuse myself voluntarily. They were, frankly, I’ve had enough. And to be honest with you, speaking to the British people on the doorsteps as I have been doing, and talking to my constituents, I’m really sorry to say that is precisely the verdict that will be delivered on the Government in the very near future.”

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