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Meghan would ‘never’ make photo mistake like Princess of Wales, say sources

by Marko Florentino
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Good evening. The Duchess of Sussex would “never” make a photograph editing mistake like the Princess of Wales, sources close to Meghan have claimed.

Elsewhere, Victoria Coren Mitchell has accused Ovo Energy of “driving her to despair” after “wrongly” taking thousands from her bank account.

Meghan would ‘never’ make photo mistake like Princess of Wales, say sources

The sources also alleged that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have been “annihilated” by the press if they had released a doctored family portrait. Meanwhile, Victoria Ward and Gordon Rayner discuss how the Princess of Wales’s photo added fuel to conspiracy theorists’ fire.

Victoria Coren Mitchell in ‘despair’ after Ovo Energy takes thousands from account

The television presenter has suggested she would take legal action after claiming the energy firm took an erroneously large payment. Writing on X, formerly Twitter, on Monday, she said: “Nothing but legal action will do for them now”.

Sturgeon’s decision on masks in schools was ‘totally political’

Sir Patrick Vallance wrote in his Covid diary that Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to force Scotland’s secondary school children to wear face masks was “totally political” and “not based on medical advice”.

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