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More than 22,000 Amazon shopppers love these no-show socks, and they’re down to $3 a pair

by Marko Florentino
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We are entering that in-between season when it’s too warm for boots and too chilly for sandals. Right about now, we’re thinking about breaking out our loafers, flats and sneakers and we don’t want something as disruptive as a sock to sully our style — but going without a liner between our feet and our shoes is not an option quite yet.

Our solution is this conundrum? Eedor No-show Socks. Of course, Amazon is the place with the kind of deals we like, and you can get a 3-pack of these babies for just $10, down from $13.


These let you keep your footwear-fashion sense high and your foot comfort on the down-low.

$10 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

We love a good no-show sock in the summer, but you probably won’t see these on sale in the warmer months. The lowest prices offered on these are around Black Friday — and no one wants to wait that long for a deal!

Why do I need this?

If you hate the look of socks peeking out around your ankles and spoiling your styling footwear look, they’re your salvation. Not only that, they won’t slip down inside your shoe as soon as you walk out the door. No wonder they’ve garnered over 22,000 five-star ratings!

Eedor No-show Socks are made of a durable blend of cotton and spandex, with a bit of non-slip silicone rubber to keep them securely in place. The sweaty days of summer aren’t quite here yet, but when they’re on our doorstep yet, but when they are, these will come in handy — they’re thin, comfy and wick away moisture … and any attendant foot funk.

They’re available in neutrals, including beige and gray, as well as good ‘ol white and black. They also come in packs of three, six or eight. Depending on the combo you choose, prices range between $10 to $14.

Wear 'em with sneakers, booties, flats...you name it! (Amazon)Wear 'em with sneakers, booties, flats...you name it! (Amazon)

Wear ’em with sneakers, booties, flats … you name it! (Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 22,000 shoppers rave about these socks.

“Awesome!” gushed a shopper with royal style. “I was looking for something to wear with my Rothy’s (slip-on sneaker style) because regular ankle socks look dorky and come up too high. These are perfect and they stay on all day!”

“These are my favorite dress socks,” another rave reviewer wrote. “I’ve never had an issue with them slipping down. I ordered these three years ago, wore them almost daily and just now they started to get some tears and holes. They are even more comfortable than my last pairs.”

“They stay put!” gushed this gadabout. “Non-slip socks? Who knew? These are great. They are truly no-show. I wore them on a recent trip, walking through airports and all around the city. I literally walked miles and they stayed on my heels.”

“For people who have sensory issues, the heel does have a small strip of silicone to keep the socks in place,” shared a five-star fan. “Could be an issue if you don’t like the feel of the silicone. It’s pretty grippy but doesn’t feel sticky.”


You don’t have to be well-heeled to afford these … but that’s far from the sole reason you should snap up a pack.

$8 at Amazon

Need some kicks to go with your new socks? These fan-favorites are nearly 60% off.


Lightweight, wide and roomy, these sneakers offer just the right mix of support and cushioning.

$46 at Amazon

“Love these shoes,” said one of over 19,000 five-star fans. “They are so comfy and yet lightweight. … I need to stand for a long time. Since wearing these shoes, I don’t feel foot pain after finishing the day’s work.”

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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