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Ramadan repression in the West Bank | TV Shows

by Marko Florentino
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Violent repression in the West Bank is making a bad situation unbearable.

With the global media’s attention trained on Gaza since October 7, things have worsened for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, and near impossible for journalists to cover.

With their movement severely restricted, dozens of Palestinian journalists have been arrested, often held without trial or charge.

Anan Quzmar – Journalist

Assal Rad – Middle East Scholar and Author

Mariam Barghouti – Writer and Journalist

Oren Ziv – Journalist, +972 Magazine

On our radar:

Ahead of an upcoming election in India, there has been a slew of movie releases built around key Modi government talking points. Producer Tariq Nafi discusses Bollywood’s role in electioneering.

George Soros – Financier, philanthropist Or bogeyman?

Hungarian-American billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros has been at the centre of countless conspiracy theories. Flo Phillips sifts through fact and fiction to understand how the crusade against Soros became one of the most destructive smear campaigns of the 21st century and a blueprint for others.


Emily Tamkin – Author, The Influence Of Soros

Hannes Grassegger – Reporter and Founder, Polaris News

Marius Dragomir – Director, Center For Media, Data and Society (CMDS)

Credits: George Soros images courtesy of the Open Society Foundations

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