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The Heavyweights Rock Austria | Euronews

by Marko Florentino
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Majestic mountains, sparkling lakes and charming villages; Linz is a perfect blend of nature, culture and adventure. We are here for the final day of this exciting event, and it’s the heavyweights’ turn to shine.

Local stars Aaron Fara and Michaela Polleres were busy around the arena, meeting the fans for signatures and photo opportunities before the final block.

On the tatami, Ivan Felipe SILVA MORALES of Cuba scored two waza-aris in quick succession to take the title in the -90kg category with Spain’s Tristani MOSAKHLISHVILI having to settle for silver. An amazing moment for the Cuban.

IJF Refereeing Supe rvisor, Manuel CORTES awarded the medals.

“Yes, it’s a good feeling,” said Silva Morales. “The boys in the crowd are waiting for me. One sign, one picture and it’s amazing. It’s amazing. I won a medal and take all these pictures of this feeling with the public”.

In the -78kg, Anna Monta OLEK defeated Yuliia KURCHENKO with a waza-ari in Golden Score to take her second gold medal of 2024! What a start to the year for the young German athlete!

Cathy FLEURY, IJF Refereeing Supervisor was on hand to award the medals.

“It feels a little bit like home,” said Anna Monta Olek. “I think the crowd is amazing because already in the beginning like in the preliminaries there was already a lot of people and there was cheering and it’s very, very nice to fight here”.

At -100kg double world champion Jorge FONSECA faced off against Leonardo GONCALVES. The Brazilian scored a well timed waza-ari in golden score to take his second gold in Austria! Defending the title he won here in Linz last year.

Awarding the medals was IJF Head Referee Director, Armen BAGDASAROV.

In the +78kg Beatriz SOUZA took home the gold after this impressive ippon! Her first Grand Prix gold medal!

IJF Refereeing Supervisor, Giuseppe MADDALONI awarded the medals

In the +100kg there was a battle between two giants – 2022 World Champion Andy GRANDA and two-time World and Olympic Champion Lukas KRPALEK. Krpalek forced Granda into submission, and the gold medal was his! A passionate celebration from the Czech judoka and a lovely moment with his travelling fans.

Awarding the medals was IJF Head Sport Director Vladimir BARTA

Creating great moments with their fans, the heavyweight Austrian judoka lit up the Tips Arena with some amazing judo, the highlight being Laurin BOEHLER’s bronze medal win with a fantastic ippon! Thank you for joining us here in Linz!

What a day it has been here in beautiful Linz! We have witnessed some incredible judo from the heavyweights. Thank you for joining us!

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