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‘Worked miracles in our bathroom’

by Marko Florentino
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When I moved into my new apartment last summer, I was instantly worried about the floor tiles in the bathroom. While they were nice to look at, they were small, intricately arranged and thus rife with places for nasties to gather. As a self-proclaimed clean freak, I immediately recognized that meant they’d need a lot more than just a good mopping. While scrolling through cleaning hacks on the social media app, TikTok, I came across one woman’s mission to vanquish tile-grout schmutz. Using Zep Grout Cleaner and Brightener, her grout went from black to white in as little as three minutes. I gasped at the results … and took the hint.


This stuff went viral on TikTok way back in 2021, and the raves are still pouring in.

$8 at Walmart

Zep Grout Cleaner and Brightener does just what its name promises and then some: It’ll transform your tile grout and make it look new. As per its label, the professional-strength formula contains strong but safe acids, alcohol and water, which combine to clean those in-between spaces without damaging the tile itself. Best of all, there’s no heavy scrubbing required.

How does it work? Just snap on some rubber gloves, pour some Zep over the grout and let it sit for three minutes. When time’s up, use a stiff brush to gently scrub away the entrenched dirt, then wipe it away with a paper towel and use a damp cloth to “rinse” the area. The folks at Zep also recommend resealing your freshly sparkling grout to keep it clean, but it’s not necessary.

Where to get some? You can grab a single bottle at Walmart and Home Depot and packs of two or more on Amazon, where it’s garnered over 3,700 five-star ratings.

“This product worked miracles in our bathroom,” wrote one Amazon-ian who shared some incredible “before” and “after” photos. “When we moved in, the grout was a dark gray from years of dirt buildup. This product was unbelievable. It only took one application to work its wonders (although I did some small spots twice that were really stubborn).”

“I tried this on just a smalrl section of our bathroom tile last night and I’m blown away!” shared another impressed shopper. “The cleaner only sat for three minutes and I lightly scrubbed before wiping it away. It was really satisfying to watch all of the grime disappear — I can’t wait to tackle the whole floor.”

“This stuff will knock your socks off. Its like magic. It is amazing and does the job well,” said another satisfied shopper.

Of course, all products come with their flaws — Zep’s is its dispenser. The cleaner simply pours out from the bottle instead of via a more controlled nozzle. “Works incredibly well! Spout needs to be redesigned so it is easier to direct the liquid exactly where one wants it to go and not all over everything else,” explained one reviewer.

If you have tile grout in your bathroom, kitchen, shower or anywhere else that needs a refreshing, give the Zep Grout Cleaner and Brightener a try. Worst-case scenario, you waste three minutes of your life.


Grab this trio and go on a bedroom-to-basement tile crusade! If unopened, each bottle can be used for up to two years after the manufacture date.

$32 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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