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Boyfriend, 40, still talks to his teddy bear, ‘Fluffy’

by Marko Florentino
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A woman claims her boyfriend’s creepy habit is just too much for her to bear.

Posting anonymously Wednesday on the parenting website Mumsnet, the woman shared that her 40-year-old boyfriend talks about his teddy bear as though it were a real boy. 

“Been seeing a guy who I have known a while through mutual friends. He has lots of good traits but he has one very very strange habit,” her post began.

A woman said that her boyfriend's fixation on his teddy bear has gotten in the way.
A woman said that her boyfriend’s fixation on his teddy bear has gotten in the way of their relationship. Getty Images

“He has a stuffed toy that he’s had since he was a child, and he talks about it like it’s a real person,” the post continued.

She said her boyfriend will say things like: “I was telling Fluffy what a great time we had last night,” “Fluffy says hi” and “I should go to bed soon, Fluffy is lonely.“

The poster explained that she has kids and her boyfriend does not — but he talks about his teddy bear as though it were his son.

She said she asked him to stop because she suspected they’d be intimate in the future.

“He did stop but commenced again after we’d slept together,” she complained. 

She said that he has some “fantastic traits” — and that she sees a potential future with him.

“He’s a 40-year-old, successful, adult man, incidentally,” she noted. 

Although, she still has one pressing question: “How on Earth do I get him to stop?”

The woman, who is a mom, said her boyfriend refers to Fluffy as his son.
The Mumsnet poster, who says she is a mom, claims her boyfriend refers to Fluffy as his son. Getty Images

People who commented on her post were similarly flabbergasted. 

“Ugh. What a MASSIVE turn off. How did you get through the shagging with fluffy spectating?” one person wondered. 

“Yup that’s a massive turn off, I would find that highly annoying. Surely he realizes all women are going to be turned off by this,” another commenter declared. 

“I think you need to be honest with him and say that you appreciate fluffy is something he’s very attached to and you think it’s sweet but the talk has got to go. It’s weird,” that person added.

“Bleurgh!!!! Clearly he doesn’t get that this is a full on vagina-zipping issue. I’m guessing he hasn’t had much relationship experience, what with Fluffy being the third wheel,” a third person theorized. 

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