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Let Aer Lingus show you Ireland and Europe

by Marko Florentino
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Looking for your next travel destination? With spring just around the corner, there’s no better location to kickstart a European adventure than Ireland’s iconic cities of Dublin and Shannon. Aer Lingus, Ireland’s flag carrier airline, offers seamless travel to Europe via its gateway Dublin.

Start your trip with a visit to Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, experience the rich history, heritage and unrivaled Irish hospitality. It wouldn’t be a trip to Ireland without taking time to taste the amazing food from Michelin-starred restaurants and local cafes, as well as visiting a traditional Irish pub for some Guinness or whiskey! 

If you’re looking for an escape from the city and to experience the great outdoors, exploring the Wild Atlantic Way in Shannon is the way to go. The region consists of over 1,500 miles of spectacular coastlines with white sand and glittering waves. Along the coast, visitors can uncover over 180 Wild Atlantic discovery points, unique natural landscapes that have shaped the image of Ireland’s remarkable west coast and immerse yourself in local culture. 

Once you’ve taken some time to discover the world-famous atmosphere of Ireland, you’ll find that many of Europe’s top destinations are just a short flight away from Dublin. Aer Lingus can unlock major cities across Europe such as Manchester, Paris, London, Rome, Edinburgh, and so many more iconic locations. 

With four daily, non-stop flights to Ireland from New York, Aer Lingus is ready to fly you on your next adventure. 

Look forward to a warm Irish welcome the moment you step on board. Provided by Aer Lingus

You’re Very Welcome On Board

Since 1936, Aer Lingus has had the pleasure of flying millions of people across the Atlantic. For over 65 years, Aer Lingus has been connecting New Yorkers to Ireland with direct flights from JFK and Newark to Dublin and Shannon. 

This year, there are even more ways to get to Ireland. Aer Lingus is operating 19 non-stop routes from North America to Ireland, including daily flights from Hartford, Connecticut, and the restart of the Minneapolis-St. Paul flights to Dublin starting April 29th. For the first time ever, Aer Lingus will also be offering direct flights from Denver, Colorado to Dublin beginning May 17th.

Aer Lingus provides complimentary meals, in-flight entertainment and PressReader app. Provided by Aer Lingus

Flying With Us

Look forward to a warm Irish welcome the moment you step on board. We do everything we can for the people who fly with us. Our modern fleet of aircraft offer both Business and Economy class cabins, all customers traveling Economy with Aer Lingus receive complimentary meals and soft drinks. All of our long haul aircraft are Wi-Fi enabled and offer endless hours of in-flight entertainment, TV boxsets, games and music. Our in-flight app is also available, allowing customers to connect their device to the seatback and control in-flight entertainment options from their own device. Additionally, the PressReader app offers customers access to over 7,000 digital newspapers & magazines.

Passengers benefit from a United States Customs and Border Protection pre-clearance. Provided by Aer Lingus

Time-saving U.S pre-clearance 

When flying trans-Atlantic with Aer Lingus, passengers benefit from a United States Customs and Border Protection pre-clearance at both Dublin and Shannon airports in Ireland. This means when flying back stateside, passengers are not only cleared by US Immigration but also customs and agriculture controls. Once you land, you’re able to simply pick up your bags and go. 

Let Aer Lingus show you the best of Ireland and Europe for your next adventure! Book your next getaway at aerlingus.com

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