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Reform will be ‘significant factor with or without me’ at next election, says Farage

by Marko Florentino
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The Tories have not been putting forward their beliefs “strongly enough”, Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg said as he called for the right of British politics to reunite. 

The former Cabinet minister told GB News: “Fundamentally, the Conservative Party needs to be adopting popular conservative policies and reuniting the right.

“What do I mean by that? Well, bringing back those people who are thinking of staying at home, those people who are thinking of voting for Reform into the electoral coalition that Boris Johnson brought together.

“And that means showing that we can deal with immigration, showing that we’re serious about reducing the size of the state and not just cutting individual taxes but cutting taxation.

“We need to show that we want to reap the fruits of Brexit so that we get the benefits that by failing to pass the Retained EU Law bill in full, we are not getting in the way that we should.

“And that we can control our borders securely, not just in terms of migration, but that we are forthright and safe in defence. It’s what Conservatives believe in, but we’re not putting it forward strongly enough. And therefore, we are finding that people like Lee are making decisions that actually make all of this harder.”

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