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These 7 surprising celebrity favorite products are on sale for under $23

by Marko Florentino
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Celebrities, they’re just like us. No, seriously! With all of their fame and notoriety, it’s easy to forget that they, like everyone else, occasionally use drugstore skin care that reminds them of being younger or probably have a favorite pan at home for cooking with. Some might even have a secret ingredient they like to use to finish off every meal before digging in.

With spring right around the corner, we took a look through the archives to see which product recommendations from our celebrity friends should be on your radar this season. From “slinky” trousers recommended by Cher, to Oprah’s favorite travel jewelry organizer that’s essential for anyone taking a flight this summer, we were delightfully surprised to see that many celebrity favorite products we’ve unearthed through the years are on sale right now — most for under $20!

1. The palazzo pants that Cher called “bootyfull”


The 77-year-old star tweeted out her enthusiasm in 2021 for these affordable “slinky” pants that “lasts forever.” 

From petite to plus, buyers are thrilled with the fit that the Goddess of Pop calls “bootyfull” — yes, she actually said that. The super-comfy bell bottoms are pajama-like but look fancy enough to wear to work or a fancy dinner. Faux back pockets exude sophistication without adding bulk. 

Made of a stretchy, forgiving poly-spandex blend, these bell bottom beauties have just the right ratio of tummy support to flair leg. 

Choose from more than 40 colors in sizes S to 3XL.

$17 at Amazon

2. The crunchy sea salt beloved by Jamie Oliver and the royal family


When it comes to salt, chefs like Jamie Oliver agree that there’s only one that’s really worth the hype: Maldon. 

In fact, the brand is so beloved in the U.K. that in 2012 Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted the brand a Royal Warrant as “official purveyors of sea salt.” 

If it was good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for us. This flaky, crunchy salt can be used to punch up and finish off pretty much any dish, but it’s also delicious simply sprinkled on a thick slice of sourdough with unsalted melted butter.

$5 at Amazon

3. The secret to Martha Stewart’s glowing complexion at 82

L’Oréal Paris

Martha Stewart’s makeup artist of nearly 10 years, Daisy Toye, dished her secrets on MarthaStewart.com about the products she consistently reaches for to give the 82-year-old her signature dewy complexion. In it, Toye explained that she uses L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion Glow Enhancer on Stewart “for dewiness and a smooth canvas for makeup.”

I tested out this L’Oreal Glow Enhancer as part of my beauty routine for several months and found it to be well worth the price, even when not on sale. It’s a lightweight, slightly runny cream lotion that is best applied with a small brush for a smooth, even finish. The lotion has a very gentle illuminating effect in the light.

I found it to be a good option for brightening my skin especially when I didn’t want to wear a full face of makeup. I also used it in place of a stick or powder highlighter, instead applying just a few dots of this lotion to my cheekbones and brow line for a boost of brightness.

$8 at Amazon

4. In Garten’s favorite cast iron pan


When Ina speaks, we listen. She is the Contessa of making life in the kitchen easy, breezy and joyful as she decodes French cooking for a new generation. So when she recommends a piece of kitchen kit, we’re all ears.

This skillet can be used anywhere — on the stove, on your grill or even over a campfire. It’s the ultimate multi-use tool, whether you’re perfectly searing a steak, dry-frying mushrooms or making the best scrambled eggs ever. It comes pre-seasoned, so you don’t have to fiddle around oiling it up. It’s ready to use right out of the box.

$20 at Amazon

5. The Neutrogena body oil that even Cindy Crawford uses


In an interview with The Cut, Crawford, now 57, admitted that there’s one product that’s consistently been part of her beauty routine since the ’90s. “Neutrogena has a body oil that I put on sometimes, and that totally reminds me of being 25 years old in New York,” she said.

Neutrogena’s Body Oil Light Sesame Formula has been a best-seller for years, revered by shoppers for its lightweight moisturizing formula, refreshing scent and non-greasy touch.

To use the oil, smooth on a few drops after a bath or shower and massage it into your skin while it’s still damp. You can also add a few drops of the oil to bath water to soften your skin while you soak.

$18 at Amazon

6. The moisturizer Jennifer Garner says makes her skin “fresh and plump and better”


Last year, Jennifer Garner shared with InStyle that Hydro Boost is one of her favorite products.

“I can instantly tell the difference — it just looks fresh and plump and better. There are all these little micro-lines that once I put this on, they go away,” she said. “This is 48 hours of moisture that you’re locking in with one thing, and then I don’t have to worry about it. … I think it’s my favorite product we’ve ever put out.”

She’s been a devout Neutrogena fan over the years. So much so that she became an ambassador for the brand. 

Hydro Boost’s main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which binds water to the skin’s surface to help give you smoother, hydrated, more supple skin. The fast-acting gel moisturizer is also lightweight, oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it’s designed not to clog your pores.

$15 at Amazon

7. The travel jewelry organizer Oprah called “beautiful, functional and giftable”

Benevolence LA

It’s both Oprah’s — and my — favorite travel jewelry organizer. In 2022 Oprah declared that this jewelry organizer: “Beautiful, functional and giftable!” It’s less than 4 inches wide but has enough compartments to neatly hold a surprising amount of jewelry. 

I’ve used mine for nearly two years, and it kept me organized when I was practically living out of a suitcase for six months while moving internationally. It holds many pairs of earrings, six rings and at least three necklaces. 

Choose from jewel tones including deep red and emerald green or softer hues such as pale pink and orange.

$23 at Amazon

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